Micron Waste Technologies (“MWM:CSE”) is a leading organic waste technology company based in Canada. We have a patented on-site treatment system that can turn organic waste into clean water. Our research & development team is actively pursuing solutions to handle organic waste generated by food distributors, quick service restaurants (QSRs), and cannabis cultivators.

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Food Distributors
Cannabis Cultivators
Restaurants & Hotels


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Uses 58.5% less carbon emissions compared with the environmental impact of daily disposal by waste management companies.

Save Landfill Space

Food waste can be processed directly on-site into clean water, removing the need to dispose into landfills.

Minimize Waste Disposal Expenditure

Is 35% more cost effective than the cost of daily disposal by waste management companies.

Preserve Fresh Water Resources

The system can be easily configured to recirculate the clean water back to the customer to be used as greywater for cleaning, landscaping, or agricultural use.